Religious Sisters     

The sisters live together in community; a life that is challenging, radical and different. It is a life of prayer, meditation, community and commitment.

We are challenged to live our lives according to the simple plan of the Gospel. In adopting this way we become followers of Jesus and listeners to his Word.

Our life is radical in that it opposes the spirit of the world and challenges its values. We accept Our Lord’s invitation to deny ourselves and take up our cross daily, and to enter into the Paschal mystery of life, death and resurrection.

Our life is different because our “business” is the care of souls!
We reach out especially to those who feel spiritually rootless and have lost the true meaning of their lives.

Like the early Christians, we have left everything for Jesus Christ. Achievement, wealth and the pursuit of pleasure are the focus of many lives today. But we have other values. We commit ourselves to God through the three Religious Vows of Celibacy, Poverty and Obedience.

We have but one heart and mind and form a single family.

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“The peace, silence and tranquillity of this house resounds from every corner”.