History of the House    

This house was one of a series of large houses built around 1900 near the River Mole in East Molesey. The 1911 census shows that the family living here consisted of a husband and wife, their three sons and seven servants! The house was originally called “Angle House” but was officially recorded as “Angel House” and perhaps this was a foretaste of things to come.

In 1934 the house was acquired by the Sisters of the Christian Retreat. The Sisters had come to London from France in 1848 to escape the troubles of the French Revolution. When they first arrived they settled in Peckham where they started a school for poor children.

When they acquired Angel House, the Sisters continued their work of education and built a school attached to it. The school flourished until the 1970s when educational reforms made it necessary to demolish the school building. However, a new primary school, St Alban’s, was built nearby and Angel House stood on its own once more.

The Sisters of the Christian Retreat changed the use of the house and, following the original inspiration of their founder, opened it up as The House of Prayer. It is now a place of retreat – an oasis of silence and stillness for all who wish to withdraw for a time from the hurly burly of life.

This house, which was once a genteel family home, then a bustling school, was transformed into this peaceful retreat house, such as you see it today.

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“A lovely place to give a day's retreat. I received more than I gave!”