Our Ministry     

The aim of the congregation, The Christian Retreat, is to help people deepen their relationship with God through prayer, meditation and reflection on life’s big questions.

Here at The House of Prayer we offer a prayerful space, a breathing space for people. We aim to maintain a space of silence and solitude which will support and deepen the desire for a developing life of prayer and relationship with God. We aspire to create a peaceful environment and offer it as a gift to all who visit the House.

We also have a team of trained Spiritual Directors who can accompany people who wish to share and reflect on their journey of faith.

Our programme of retreats and courses help us to explore the riches of our spirituality and we hope that you will join us at The House of Prayer.

None of this would be possible without the generous support of our Friends and volunteers. We also offer an internship programme for women who may wish to live in community for a short period of time.

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“Thank you for providing this place of peace and rest – so necessary in the madness of life”.