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The House of Prayer is home to a praying community of religious sisters and lay women who together are seeking God in Christian community life. We each bring our unique giftedness to the community and this is a source of richness for us all.

We value the importance of being together for daily Mass, community prayer, faith sharing, meals and relaxation. It is during these times that we grow in truth and friendship, justice and solidarity, peace and harmony, like the early Christians who had but ‘one heart and one soul’. We believe that first and foremost it is in our community life where we are called to live out our Christian faith and as our founder described it as “the simple plan of the Gospel”.

Sr. Melanie

Sr. Melanie is a religious sister of the Christian Retreat. She is a trained teacher, counsellor and spiritual director. Since 1993 she has lived in the House of Prayer where she has helped develop our on-going spirituality programme and the formation of a community where religious sisters and lay people pray, live and minister together.

Sr. Anne

Sr. Anne is a religious sister of the Christian Retreat and has lived and worked in the House of Prayer since 1997. She offers spiritual accompaniment and counselling. She is fully involved in the ministry of retreat and is happy to facilitate individuals and groups on their spiritual journeys.

Friends of The House of Prayer

Many volunteers and Friends help to keep our mission alive and active. The Friends are a group of women who journey alongside us and are a part of our Advisory Council. We meet regularly for prayer and reflection and discuss more practical matters about how we can respond to the needs of our times.

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“Thank you for providing this place of peace and rest – so necessary in the madness of life”.