The Christian Retreat     

The founder of The Christian Retreat was Father Anthony Receveur (1750-1804). Fr. Anthony’s life was spent in the shadow of the French Revolution. It was a time of huge social upheaval and transition much like the 21st century and with the dissolution of familiar structures people were thirsty for truth. He dedicated his life to bringing God’s living water to the people of his day. His vision was radical because he invited all people – not just priests and religious – to deepen their prayer life through making retreats, providing a rule of life that included daily prayer and meditation. With the help of families he built a retreat house in Fontenelles, France where he led large numbers of people in retreat which transformed their lives. In founding the congregation Fr Anthony was empowering each Christian to live a meaningful life.

The aim of the Congregation is to lead people back to thoughts of faith and meditation on the Word of God and the Great Truths about humanity. To spread the Gospel by all the means in its power, especially by Spiritual Retreats and Christian Education.

You can find out more about Fr Anthony through the depiction of his life in watercolour paintings done by Sr Melanie Kingston – A Life in Pictures

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“Thank you for providing this place of peace and rest – so necessary in the madness of life”.